Coupling with a multi-event app
Instead of a branded app, the environment could be coupled to an existing multi-event app to use all the functionalities the app offers.

The ''child'' environment

A ''child'' environment is an environment that does not have its own branded app, but is instead coupled to an existing multi-event app. Therefore, no Apple Developers Account has to be set-up and no questionnaire has to be filled in. With a coupling to a multi-event app all the functionalities of the app are still accessible, but the design of the app is not branded to be in line with look and feel of the specific event.
We will make sure that your environment is coupled to the right multi-event app.
When the multi-event app is downloaded, users will have to select the ''child'' environment of the event they are attending. Once they have logged into the app, they can access everything that has been set-up in the admin panel.
Set-up the app ahead of the event (before the virtual event platform opens) to provide users with additional features. The app offers the following advantages, among other things, in addition to the Let's Get Digital platform:
    Latest news about the event
    Interacting with other users ahead of the event
    Signing up for programme items before the event
    Connecting with users ahead of the event
    Setting up your profile
    Information about the location (for live events)
    An interactive floor plan
    An attendee list
    A list of companies and exhibitors


When coupling an environment to a multi-event application, a so called ''child'' environment, the following additional milestones will be added to your LaunchAssist project.

B: Design

Client delivers two logos & two main colours for the LGD platform in HEX code (
Additionally to the information needed for the platform, we also require a logo for each separate event to be displayed in the multi-event app. Dimensions for the logo should be 1024px x 1024px.
Send LGD design
The app engineers will provide screenshots of the design.
Client agrees on LGD design
Once the design is approved, this task can be completed.
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