Let's Get Digital platform & application
In this article we explain how the app, the admin panel and the desktop platform of Let's Get Digital co-operate.

Admin panel

The admin panel is the tool used for filling the app and the virtual event environment. The admin panel contains all features and settings that an event manager could wish for. During a set-up meeting, your personal Delivery Consultant will explain the admin panel in detail.
The overview of the admin panel

The app

Our app is a tool which contains information about the event and allows attendees, speakers and companies to interact. The app is of added value for the virtual platform. With the app, you can sign up for programme items, and connect and interact with other attendees.

Let's Get Digital

The virtual platform represents the content inserted in the admin panel, which is also visible in the app. This is where the attendees attend and experience the virtual event. They can sign up for programme items through the app, and enter the virtual presentation room. Virtual meetings can be arranged in the app and held on the platform. These are just some of the possibilities; check out the next articles to learn more.