Re-use environment (App)
Not the first time organizing an event with Let's Get Digital? We can re-use an existing environment so you don't have to set-up everything all over again.

Recycling the admin panel

The admin panel and integration of the application can be re-used once you have organized an event with us. By re-using an environment, you won't have to go over all the steps again to setup the application.
Please contact your personal Delivery Consultant to request to re-use an existing environment. Make sure to include the name and number of the original environment.


There are four steps in total to be completed to re-use an environment. The steps are described in the below table:
Send request
Request to re-use an existing environment by contacting your Delivery Consultant.
Partial reset
The Delivery Consultant will partially reset the environment. The following information of the original event is reset:
  1. 2.
    The statistics
  2. 3.
    โ€‹Order overview of the financial system
  3. 4.
    User tokens: users will have to re-enter their details to login
Other information is copied into the re-used environment.
Access the environment
Login to the admin panel using your personal details.
You will be provided with a new Launch Assist project to keep track of milestones and tasks if needed.
From here, you can start working on the preparation of the event!
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